University Health Services


Using University Health Services (UHS) is free for registered students. Students who are not insured will need to provide the reason for their visit so that the correct clinician can be contacted. All information is confidential and the front desk receptionists are trained to understand the needs of each student. In addition, UHS provides care to students of all races and ages. They are also offered discounted rates for those who are on Medicare or Medicaid. During the enrollment process, students will need to provide their insurance information to verify their status.

University Health provides high quality care in a friendly environment. Their patient portal allows you to schedule an appointment online, view lab results, and update your profile. The website offers a variety of services, such as online scheduling, patient profiles, and communication with staff. Most office visits cost less than $10 and most doctors are board-certified. All medical providers accept most major insurance plans and will accept your insurance. However, you will need to provide proof of financial responsibility.

If you are unable to get an appointment online, consider using the Urgent Care office on your campus. The staff at these facilities are always available to treat you urgently and promptly. During these times, you can access emergency care at local hospitals. The medical staff at University Health is staffed by medical professionals who specialize in treating various conditions. Besides providing excellent care, the hospital’s friendly environment is welcoming for patients and staff alike. If you have an emergency, don’t hesitate to contact the emergency room – they are available around the clock.

University Health is committed to maintaining confidentiality. It follows the FERPA and HIPAA guidelines for patient privacy. Information regarding health care and treatment cannot be recorded in University records or shared with other individuals without written consent. An exception to this rule is if the individual is deemed unsafe. Regardless of the type of care you receive, you can expect comprehensive, coordinated care from the physicians who specialize in your condition. In addition to this, they offer 24-hour ExpressMed and walk-in clinics to better serve your schedule.

University Health is a national leader in electronic health records. Their extensive electronic health records system allows providers to immediately access patient information. As a result, University Health is able to offer you access to your medical records anytime. With a comprehensive electronic health record system, patients are more likely to receive the best care possible. These systems can prevent the spread of disease. If you’re worried about your health, contact the hospital right away. It’s free for students and can’t be used for emergency or routine checkups.

The University Health system has become one of the nation’s most wired health systems. This means that it has a comprehensive electronic health records system that allows physicians to access patient records right away. This makes UHS an excellent choice for students who are concerned about their health. Its reputation for quality care has helped the organization to become one of the top medical facilities in the United States. Aside from this, UHS also offers a wide range of services for students.

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