SPC Health Education Center


The SPC Health Education Center is a premier college for nursing students. The center was established in 2004 and serves as the university’s main campus. It is located at 7200 66th Street North. Listed below are a few of the programs offered. The Health Information Management program is one of the fastest growing fields in the country. Students can become a registered nurse, practice dentistry, or even become a physician assistant.

The Center’s faculty members are committed to the success of its students. To help them succeed in the health care field, the faculty and students strive to provide the best possible learning environment. In order to ensure student success, SPC uses simulation manikins and other tools to train its students. These high-fidelity manikins have eyes that blink and pulses that can rise and fall. This gives students the opportunity to practice CPR and other first aid techniques on real patients, which is important in their field.

SPC uses simulation manikins to train its students. The high-fidelity manikins have eyes that blink and pulses that move. They also let students practice their CPR on them. The Florida Board of Nursing encourages the use of simulation. Currently, SPC has only three high-fidelity simulators. Adding more is in the works. While they are limited in number, these high-fidelity simulators are a great help to students.

The SPC health education center also uses simulation manikins to train students. These high-fidelity manikins act just like real patients in the real world. They have eyes that blink and pulse and even chests that rise and fall. They can also be used to practice CPR. The Florida Board of Nursing has approved the use of simulation in health care, and the center is looking to expand its simulators in the near future.

The SPC health education center’s College of Nursing is one of the best in the country. The school offers a comprehensive program in nursing and has an excellent reputation for preparing students to become successful nurses. The SPC’s clinical experience is what makes a great nurse. The college has four simulation manikins. They are also used in other courses, such as the practical courses. The trainings are essential for nurses to be effective.

The SPC College of Veterinary Technology utilizes simulation manikins for training. The high-fidelity manikins are like real patients and are enhanced by an elementary school community service program. As dental hygiene students, SPC is committed to teaching their students how to give good care. They have a variety of educational programs and are dedicated to serving the community. Its college of veterinary technology is home to a variety of animal species.

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