Accredited Health Information Technology Schools

  If you are interested in a career in health information technology, you should consider enrolling in an accredited health information technology school. These programs are offered online by many respected institutions and are often free of tuition. The courses typically last one year and require 34 credits. To become a health information technology professional, … Read more

What is a Community Health Clinic?

  A community health clinic is a health care center that provides health care for the local community. The clinics provide routine care, such as preventative checkups and screenings for new diseases, to the general public. Some of these centers also offer services related to mental health and addiction. In addition, the community health clinics … Read more

University Health Services

  Using University Health Services (UHS) is free for registered students. Students who are not insured will need to provide the reason for their visit so that the correct clinician can be contacted. All information is confidential and the front desk receptionists are trained to understand the needs of each student. In addition, UHS provides … Read more

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

  The antioxidants in dark chocolate are mainly flavonoids, also known as flavanols. These compounds have been proven to promote heart health. They reduce blood platelet stickiness, thereby lowering the risk of blood clots and stroke. They also improve heart circulation and help the body fight infection. Although the exact benefits of dark chocolate are … Read more

SPC Health Education Center

  The SPC Health Education Center is a premier college for nursing students. The center was established in 2004 and serves as the university’s main campus. It is located at 7200 66th Street North. Listed below are a few of the programs offered. The Health Information Management program is one of the fastest growing fields … Read more