Pennsylvania Health Insurance – What You Need to Know

  The state of Pennsylvania is working on reforming its healthcare system so that all residents can access affordable health care. This means that people who are not on Medicaid can buy health insurance through the state exchange. There are tax subsidies available for many households, which help lower monthly premium costs. There are various … Read more

How to Become a Clinical Mental Health Counselor

  A clinical mental health counselor is a professional with specialized training who provides treatment for patients with psychological disorders. There are national standards for this specialty, and training and education are required for certification. It is a specialized field, so it is important to find a well-trained professional. However, the field is still relatively … Read more

Cheap Health Insurance in California

  Health insurance in California is not cheap, but it’s definitely worth it. The right plan will protect you from expensive medical bills. This is especially important in California because rates have been rising for the last decade. Covered CA, a health insurance tax credit, allows consumers to buy health insurance for as low as … Read more