The Average Cost of Health Insurance in the United States

  In 2020, the average cost of a family health insurance policy was $21,342 with an employer-provided plan. The average premium payment was $15,579, while employees paid the remaining 27%. In contrast, a single worker’s premiums were $7,470. The higher deductible, more expensive monthly premium, and higher yearly premiums of platinum, gold, and silver plans … Read more

UnitedHealth Group Incorporated Review

  UnitedHealth Group Incorporated is a multinational healthcare company headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The company provides various health care services and products. Some of their products include health insurance and health plans. Read on for more information. A brief overview of the company can be found below. To learn more about the company, read on. … Read more

UnitedHealthcare Provider Login

  When you first open your UnitedHealthcare provider login, you’ll see a message similar to the one below: Your session has expired. The next 60 seconds you spend logged in will redirect you to the home page. If you wish to remain logged in, click Continue, otherwise close the box to continue working. To log … Read more

University Health Services

  Using University Health Services (UHS) is free for registered students. Students who are not insured will need to provide the reason for their visit so that the correct clinician can be contacted. All information is confidential and the front desk receptionists are trained to understand the needs of each student. In addition, UHS provides … Read more